Low speed and high torque test system

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1. System introduction

In this system, AC variable frequency motor is used as the loading motor, and a bidirectional speed increasing box is set according to the parameters of the tested parts, which can ensure that the low-speed drive / loading motor can meet the torque speed matching test requirements of the tested parts through the speed increasing and torque reducing of the speed increasing device.

Combined with the data acquisition system, the torque, rotation speed, mechanical power, current, voltage, electric power, efficiency, temperature, auxiliary system temperature, pressure, flow and other indicators of the tested parts are all measured and controlled to meet the test requirements of the performance indicators of the tested parts.

The system adopts the four quadrant energy feedback grid or load box energy consumption mode. Under the four quadrant energy feedback grid mode, the system can operate continuously for 24 hours under the constant power of 315KW. Under the energy consumption mode of load box, the system can operate for 1 hour under the constant power of 315KW and for a long time under other working conditions.

The system has the function of measuring the characteristics of the torque angle. The torque angle is represented by θ. The initial state of the motor θ is 0 degree, and the adjustment step of θ is 0.5 degree. Any angle between 0 and 360 degrees can be adjusted for locked rotor test.

2. Overview of test requirements of tested products

The tested part is a high-power AC start / generator and start controller of AC start / power generation system, which has the characteristics of low speed and high torque.

The general parameters of the tested parts are as follows:

Type of tested parts: AC start / generator and start controller

Installation and connection: flange type and frame type

Maximum speed: 8000r / min

Test torque range: 506n. M (0-6000r / min), 315KW constant power (6000-8000r / min)

Test items: torque, speed, power, locked rotor torque of start / generator, control function, protection function of start controller, output voltage, current, excitation voltage, current, etc.

3. Working environment requirements

Power supply capacity ≥ 360kva

Three phase power supply, 380V, 50Hz, 350kva

Instrument power single phase, 220V, 50Hz, 10KVA

Ambient temperature 0-50 ℃

Ambient humidity not more than 90%

Continuous working hours 24 hours a day

Forced cooling without cooling water

All are electric devices, without air source

Working environment air pressure: the actual air pressure in the laboratory can be used without special requirements

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